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I got a call mid-2007 from a lady in Forster on the mid-north coast with a ferret running around her yard. She was petrified of it. Because I was so far away I sent Mum to collect him. When she arrived the ferret rolled on to his back and let her pet him.

The ferret was very hungry and had spent some time running free in the ladys backyard so Mum named him Lucky.

After collecting Lucky from Mum I fell in love with the little guy and was unable to send him off to be rehomed. He stayed with me, Sammy, Sugar, Sparky and Sasha.

Our little Lucky was the most playful, gentle ferret I have ever met. Always ready to pounce on you for a play or stand up on his back legs for a treat, Lucky was always hot on your heels wanting attention. The only time Lucky would disappear is when the vacuum come out, he would climb the cage and hide in the bed on the top until it was gone.

We arrived home early Saturday the 3rd of July from Port Macquarie after Mum had been hospitalised with heart problems. The fuzzies were at Keren and Debbies having a holiday while we were running around the place. An early morning call from Keren telling me that Lucky wasnt well and was about to go to the vet. I rushed to the vet to meet them, my poor little guy was very sick. He had turned yellow and was very limp. The vet said he was dehydrated and didnt think he would make it through the next night. He was given some fluids and sent home to see how we went. I left him with Keren and Debbie to go get Chantel. A call from Keren a couple of hours later to tell me our little guy had passed away.

I got to hold my little boy before he passed from this world and I know that he knew I loved him and that I was there for him. I regret that I was not there for him when he passed. He is now with Demi again. I hope they find each other so they can play together over the rainbow bridge.

I am going to miss my playful little ferret so much, it is going to be hard not having him chasing me around looking for his treats.

I hope wherever your little soul has gone that you have someone to give you the treats that you loved so much until I can join you to give them to you myself.

You will stay in our hearts forever Lucky.

Miss you little boy, I will always remember you.

Love Daddy and Chantel

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